Salihli Field Guides Made Kula Training Trip


 Kula Geopark Field was the first stop of 45 trainees who took field guidance training. First of all, starting from Kula Divlit Volcanic Park and than Kula Historical Houses, Rock Tombs, Kula Fairy Chimneys, Çakırca Basalt Columns, Acısu Hot Water Spring, Emir Hot Springs, Hoca Seyfeddin Bridge and Gölde (Incesu) village ended the education trip. The students who had the chance to get to know Kula with this educational trip also bought Kula souvenirs, chickpeas, halva and breads. Leader of the training tour was the employee of the Union of Municipalities of the Geopark and Trainer Ali Karataş and gave detailed information to the trainees about Kula.

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